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The Light of Hope Returning Book

We are excited to announce the release of The Light of Hope Returning Book - a companion to the full-length animated concert. This publication is an art and prose book to display in your home. As you turn each page (126 pages total), you will discover the beauty of its art with over seventy-five images by animator Kevork Mourad. Read through the prose and story that composer Shawn Kirchner chose and from which his compositions have come to life. And, this book gives a bit of history and perspective as well. There are six articles about various aspects of producing a concert-length work. These articles depict the challenge for choirs, composers, artists and musicians to collaborate together to create large works, and the joy in doing so. And, as an early pandemic work, The Light of Hope Returning is truly one of the very outstanding endeavors to emerge from this time.

  Few copies still available!  

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